Procrastination as a teacher: The Rewind story

Spring 2017, Madrid, Spain: Where it all began.

Unemployed, looking for fashion career in a country where finding job as a non resident was like winning the lottery. I tried of course, until it was unhealthy to continue. Anxiety and frustration became my close friends as the clock was ticking against me. One night, it came to me, what if, what if I create my own fashion business. 

In business, as in every single thing in life, it is important to shut down your ego and surrender to the universe plan.

Still keen to stay in Madrid, I slowly realised that it was not the right place, “customers are not ready” someone said, and someone else also said “this idea would be a success in Australia”. The universe (our universe, inner voice, conscious, intuition or gut) speaks to us on subtle ways, and its our lesson to listen and be humble to accept it.

This is the start of Rewind.

The destination was set, the challenge now was to create something align to my beliefs.

The question popped:

   – “What do I believe in?”

And the answer was nothing similar the fashion industry, or the business way of doing things.



I started visualising everything I ever wanted for a company to be, fashion related, of course. The type of products, customer relationship, our philosophy, the values, and most important, the reason: why am I doing this?

So many questions to brainstorm, so many ideas floating around with no limits.

I run into so many cautious people around, using words like “but” and “what if”. This is the hardest part, learning to capture the positive in the “negative”. These comments will always bring you back to reality, because dreams have little of this.

Dreaming was good, but how am I going to live in Australia? Analysing my options, there was nothing real, and the illusion started to fade, as everything seemed so far away. When all the doors were closed, a massive gate opened: Work and Holiday Visa approved for Peruvians.

I could feel this was real, luck was on my side, and a voice saying: “Go for it!”

In every start up, a question comes up:

   – How am I going to get the money to start?

I had so many meetings with possible investors in Peru, all these successful business persons congratulate me on the idea, but some were not fashion oriented, and some were simply not interested. Finally I was in between two options, but something inside was speaking louder, I felt uncomfortable, like I was heading towards a mistake.

I moved to Australia without knowing how was I supposed to find the investment. I started moving forward, always thinking that something will come up. I got a job in retail: my first approach to the Australian fashion industry.

After six months working and doing little stuff for the project, I felt pressure, I was not pursuing  my dream, the reason I moved here. At that moment, I took a look at my bank accounts and there was my answer.

The wait was over, I was going to be my own investor, and it felt right, so right.

I set the first launching date, and I am laughing as I write this. Things didn’t go the way I expect. It was the first time doing a long international shipping, and organising it with five or six different suppliers, it was obvious.

Lesson learned, mental note made… 

Once the products arrived, things got real and I got scared. Procrastination was my new hobby. I knew what I needed to do, but managed to trick myself to do other things that were less important.

Procrastination ended up being my ally.  The project was not launched on the expected date. Later I realised it was the slow season for retail, this actually set me free and allowed me to understand that everything will happen at the right moment.

It also thought me to believe in myself, as I ended up making the brand video, taking the pictures for the website, creating all the instagram content and even design the website.

There is so many lessons, personal and professional wise. Deciding to make your own is a huge decision, sometimes I feel like I didn’t even made that decision, it was always decided somewhere inside me.

Never quitting is an amazing goal. I believed on it, the feeling and the smile that the possibility of this being real brought me is what hold this through these two years.

What you believe, you create!

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