Money is a crime: Conscious Business


Conscious businesses are aspiring to become the norm in a world claiming for change in our consumption habits. Our personal benefit is unreal if it’s harmful for someone else. Don’t allow money to take control and commit a crime on its name.

Starting a business comes with lots of responsibility. For so long businesses were created for one reason: profit, the bigger the better, transforming industries in destruction monsters.

When owning a business you acquaintance a certain amount of power, and it comes with huge responsibility. We are responsible to use it for commonwealth and not to satisfy personal greed.

The power is on decisions, on choosing the best for all the involved.

Every business makes profits for the value they generate. Profits itself are not the problem, it becomes one when your main focus and drive is money. Then you allow money to have the power on making all the decisions on your business.

Sounds like a good idea, right? Our decisions will bring us more income.


Let’s give this a second thought.

Income is achieved by higher prices, lower costs or even worse: both. This technique has been the jackpot in the past years. Owners try to reduce their costs as much as possible, ending up producing everything in places like Bangladesh, Vietnam and China, were the wages are the lowest.

The cost reduction also includes finding the cheapest material, usually provided by oil industry (=plastic). Don’t forget about the packaging, labelling, shipping and more…

This product made at the lowest fares, using the cheapest materials and full of disposable plastic is replicated more than a thousand times.

  • JACKPOT! There is still money to spend
  • How do we make this money generate more money?

Lets invest this money on creating an unreal necessity, a need they don’t even know they have =MARKETING

This is fashion as we know it: thousands of replicas sold at the cheapest price.

– Does it has to be like that? Can we change this vicious cycle? Who is responsible?


Be a conscious business.

– What does that even mean?

It means money doesn’t have power on the decision making. The focus is value creation.

Be devoted to find or create a valuable product, made with the best materials and by humans that are engaged on their development and professional growth. Acknowledging the cost and the story of every product, creates a connection between the buyer and the producer. 

Decisions are well-thought and assessed. Don’t get it wrong, money is made, and hopefully lots but without compromising anything to reach it.

Rewind claims to be a conscious business. We carefully select the brands and products, after long conversations and information exchange. Our packaging is reusable and compostable after the second use, Australian shipping is carbon off set and we try to print as less marketing material as possible, always in recycled paper.

We won’t encourage you to buy just for the sake, instead fall in love with a product and use it as much and as long as possible. Rewind creates connections and adds value in every step of the way. I was created by passion for fashion and a rebel soul. 

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