Pictures are forms of expression; the photographer’s perception of the world.

Take a look at the pictures we use and get to know the story and eyes behind them.


This picture was taken at Kirra Beach in Queensland.
Sometimes when you lay on the sand, we tend to look up, or to the ocean, not knowing that there is much more around us. Looking to the side and finding some greenies among the sand was a nice feeling.

Summer Talks

This picture was taken at Bondi Beach, Sydney

The sand here is rougher to the feet, it makes a sound with every step you take. It gives you goosebumps but at the same time connects you to it. There is a communication between the feet and the sand, between human and nature.

Mix Nature

This picture was taken in Bondi Beach, Sydney
Nature is an the ultimate artist, its creations are inspiration for our own. There is no thinking process, things are created organically by all its elements, like wind, heat, water. This texture is aesthetically beautiful and full of life.