To be authentic in everything we do, to be transparent and honest, we believe in a different way of doing business, being conscious of every decision we take.


The search of new products is the core of our business, and is what moves us, to deliver the best products aligned to our values. In this search we meet many creative persons with a new, or old, approach to product making, working hard for their beliefs and vision. We learn from sharing our experiences and vision of the business, every story is unique and so they are the brands part of Rewind.

We are a community, a group of people that shares a desire of a better future. We gather different persons looking forward to improve their life by being aware of their environment and how they interact with everything that surround them. The start point is taking conscious decisions towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We aim to inspire and be inspired by experiences, stories and examples within our community.


Be part of REWIND and create a better future together