30 Reasons to buy Sustainable Fashion

Recycled materials. Reduce waste and pollution, giving a second use to already used materials. This is an amazing practice in sustainable fashion.

Stop water pollution. Dyeing and washing processes pollute water like no other. The industry has already damage lots of fresh water reservoirs around the world, with no turning back.

Avoid child slavery. The unseen truth about many of our beloved brands is that their use children to make “easy” tasks in production chains.

Make a human really happy. Small and sustainable businesses are mainly own by entrepreneurs and fashion lovers that bet on their passion to become their work.

Help restore old techniques. Handmade works used for years and years like: macrame, crochet, natural dyes, embroidery, straw weaving.

Protect jungles and forests. The excess demand of viscose, rayon, modal, lyocell and other cellulosic fabrics that are made directly out of trees, has originated higher indexes of deforestation in Brazil, and Indonesia.

Help change the industry. Fashion was all about creativity, tailored pieces, made to enhance your own uniqueness, attention to details and long lasting pieces. What happened to that?

Reduce the use of plastic. Fast fashion has one of the biggest amount of plastic on its process. From the creation of textiles like polyester and elastane to the logistics packaging. Plastic everywhere!

Be original. Buying to small and sustainable brands will prevent from being part of the uniform that fast fashion has created. Fashion is a way of self expression!

Preserve soil fertility. Chemicals and fertilisers to grow massive productions of cotton and other materials, kill the soil, preventing it to be useful for future harvesting.

Horizontal relationships. How lovely is it to have direct contact with the owner or designer of a brand, knowing their motivation to create it on the first place?

Season-less products. Sustainability is all about using your clothes as much as possible. Buying timeless versatile pieces with a well-thought design will allow you to do so.

Respect artisan techniques. Sustainable fashion works directly with artisan around the world, from Southamerica to Africa, meanwhile fast fashion copies this techniques to be made by machines or low waged workers inside a factory.

Stop over production. Lots of unsold goods are thrown away each year, because they stop being trendy and are unable to be sold (???) they end up being incinerated (air pollution).

Boost creativity all around. Supporting sustainability will push more creatives to start their own process. Fashion is creativity, the process of creation stopped being important as fast fashion is a cheap copy of runway shows.

Stop human rights abuses. Where to start? The inhumane conditions some fashion workers have to work in, are life risking, for 0,2 cents the hour. INSANE!

Care about the future. A sustainable practice is one that can be done for years and years without compromising the years to come. Right now our future is compromised by the fast speed production and consumption rate.

Thoughtful production. Decisions along the production chain are made on behalf of the final product and parties involved. Every step makes the difference, and it’s carefully considered.

Stop animal suffering. Big corporations don’t care about their sources, why would they care about the animals involved? And I am not talking about fur coats that actually use the animal skin as material.

Know your producers. The humans who made your products, when buying to small or sustainable brands there is a bigger chance to know the story behind your products.

Reduce microfibres in the oceans and sea life. 34.8% of micro-plastics found in oceans come from the textile and clothing industry and majority of them were made of polyester, polyethylene, acrylic, and elastane.

Wear craftsmanship. Fashion products that deserve a spot on any museum, a mix of creativity and all techniques handmade by talented humans.

Stop green washing. Thus almost any initiative towards addressing ecological and social issues still contributes to the damage, it is not enough. Green washing is purely marketing strategy.

Embrace cultural diversity. Unify the world through exchange of ideas and using different techniques and resources to create new original products.

Reduce carbon footprint. The biggest footprint comes from the waste of fashion industry and also customers not caring for their clothes, because “they were so cheap”.

Clothes will last longer. Sustainable brands focus their energies on developing high quality products, because it its the only way to achieve a long lasting product.

Clothes made with love. Producers involved with sustainable fashion companies are happy humans working as everyone else. Isn’t lovely to know they are good vibes behind your products? Artisans really love their jobs!

Make sustainable fashion, affordable for everyone. The more we normalise sustainable fashion the more affordable it will be for everyone. More supply result in a lower price, it’s the economic law.

Give your money to the producers. Don’t feed one persons bank account. Sustainable fashion pays the right wages to the producers, margins are spread fairly between all the involved.

Literally, save the environment. Fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil industry. Changing to sustainable products will actually made a difference. Fashion can be decisive to slow down climate change.

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